Monday, December 11, 2006

I just finished reading "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. What a beautiful story...i was in tears for parts of it. It is a modern day reading of the book of Hosea. Rivers had such a powerful way of developing both the character of the prostitute and the man who comes to be her husband. You cannot help but empathize with both characters so readily. It reminded me and also taught me all over again about the amazing, sacrificial love of Chirst and his Father. I have been struggling with my faith the last couple of years, and I found this story a refreshing reminder that even when I stray, even when I run, even when I betray my Father - He will always remain faithful. He cannot deny Himself, even when I do. He loves me with a love that is unending and so passionate, that only a marriage where two people are passionately in love and committed can even begin to emulate. The example of the marriage between the prostitute and the husband was so touching, it left me aching to have my marriage be that honest, that vulnerable and passionate. I let me fears and pride get in the way far too often. I hate it. I have been asking the Lord for more faith lately, and now I feel led to give up even more of myself in order to become closer to this passionate love that He has for me. I must not make anyone else my god. Only my Father. He alone can demonstrate the love that I must show to my husband.