Saturday, March 29, 2008

money can't buy me love

so, life has been pretty stressful financially lately, although I have recently been able to completely let go of the need to control the fact that more money needs to be coming in than currently is. That doesn't mean I had stopped trying to find a job, but that I had stopped having ulcers every two days when there was no money for mundane things like milk at Market Basket. Instead, I would just go shopping (being smart about it) and just write a check. And every time we would go to church on Sunday, I wouldn't consider what was left in our bank account, I would just calculate how much money Jon and I had made and write a check for 10%...even if we didn't have it. And you know what? God has been providing. On paper we shouldn't have made it this far with me not working, but God is awesome. And, now I have jobs coming out my ears with people who really want to work with me and are super nice and pay really well...and we're going to be covered for the time until I start teaching again in September. I just wanted to share that wonderful blessing. I am content in plenty or in want. Thank you Lord!

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