Sunday, March 30, 2008

people are frustrating

1) people who you think you know and that you think know you and then you realize that if they weren't part of your life...nothing would change. Disappointing...

2) bigoted people. Everyone - EVERYONE - is a person with feelings and a brain and opinions and are deserving of your attention. Who are you to think other people are less because they are Indian/handicapped/inarticulate/uneducated/ugly? You are just showing yourself to be shallow. Look deeper.

3) people who have their head in the sand. There is so much going on around you, you need to pay attention. Especially when that stuff going on around you is affecting your family and friends that you are supposed to be looking out for.

4) the "it's not my fault" people - other people cannot keep picking up your slack. There is a certain time of grace in everyone's life. It's called childhood and adolescence - and even then you are still responsible for most things. After that, you are your own person and you need to own up. Take responsibility for your actions - even when it hurts you. It's called real life.

5) politicians. just in general.

6) people who don't smile. Ever. Especially when they are in customer relations job. Give me a break. Who hired them?

ok. tirade over. Unfortunately, every single one of these types of people are in my life right now. Some people fit two types. unfortunate.

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