Saturday, April 12, 2008

to get ice cream, I must jog

I love the sun! In New England, when the sunshine finally decides to break through, you realize how gloomy it's been. Winter is SO freakin' long here! I think I'm getting used to it, but my days in the South still sit with me as more normal...even though they basically have spring to summer to fall and back again and that's it.

Anyway, I am very excited about the spring weather - it means I can use my jogging stroller again with Jeremiah. Not that I love jogging...but it gets me in the fresh air and doing something healthy for a change. It also gets me thinking about ice White Farms or Cap'n Dusty's, or Dairy Queen...or all three. Which brings me back to the jogging thing...that's gotta happen or the ice cream thing can't happen. That'll be my motivation.

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