Friday, July 25, 2008

a comrad!

"...The busier my life, the more I crave space. Not just physical space where I can be alone for a while, but mental space where I can form complete thoughts, create new dreams, contemplate broad ideas. Yet any extra room in my head seems filled with mental Post-it notes about dental appointments and phone calls I have to make, lists of items I need from Target, and the vague feeling I missed someone’s birthday.

Of all the various kinds of busyness, this overflowing brain busyness is the hardest for me to handle. It makes me feel overwhelmed, even when nothing overwhelming is going on. I can be washing dishes or driving my car or trying to find my glasses and feel totally stressed out because my brain is running at 800 miles per hour. And if some poor soul chooses that particular moment to ask me a question, he gets a response that’s not only snappish, but probably sarcastic and completely unhelpful..."

I found this on a fellow blogger's website, and that is precisely how I've been feeling lately. I probably couldn't have put it any clearer. And I only have one kid! My husband wants four...oy. I know they will be blessings, but there will also be a lot of nights with glasses of wine to drink to calm my worried brain. :)

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