Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Updates / Musings:

- Have gotten headshots done. Have not done any auditions with them yet, because I am too nervous. Stupid reason.

- Next, need to find a place to practice consistently and get my audition arias in gear. Then, make an audition cd.

- Jeremiah is almost walking! this is craziness...when did all this happen? where is my baby going?

- had to report a guy in the office I work with to HR so he would leave me alone. that was/is disconcerting because I still see him every day I work there.

- My husband and I finished the 3rd season of Lost and are trying to find a way to watch the 4th season before the 5th season starts. Totally addicted.

- I am excited to begin teaching in the fall...part-time, no less! every time I remember that I only work 2 1/2 days I get very happy.

- Jon and I are going to make our finances on our own (no loans from family, or cash from creditors) for the first time since snow stopped falling. God is good.

- have to go to a funeral on friday. Didn't know the woman very well, but she was part of our church. It will most likely be an open casket. Don't know what to think about that.

- I think I like Feierabend. If you don't know who or what that is, you're not an elementary music educator, but i won't hold that against you. ;)

- i have a great surprise for someone that i can't mention, even though I kinda just's really hard to keep it a secret!

- My little family is going to travel up to Seattle for Labor Day weekend to visit the extended family and have them meet Jeremiah. 7 hours on a plane ride with a 1 year old? Wake me when it's over.

- I am trying to not gain back the weight I lost while nursing, but this is hard. I have to actually run...i guess it's good for me.

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Anonymous said...

Yes please. Coffee and philosophizing sounds nice to me. =)