Wednesday, September 03, 2008

home again

It's been a while. Life has been slightly (no, more than that) hectic lately, with many things to adjust to, the most glaring one being my NEW JOB!!

Yes, I am in love with a new district. This elementary school is on top of things, helpful, friendly, and has given me my own music room even though I only teaching 2 1/2 days. Oh, yeah, did I mention that? 2 1/2 days only. That's right, I have my new dream job. Or as close as I can get to it at the moment. I am teaching mostly 3rd and 4th grades, and a couple 2nd and a couple Kindergarten classes, which I am alternately scared about and excited about because I've never taught that age. This district has other music teachers in the district that want to collaborate and get to know other districts to find out how we can be better. We actually have meetings together and I know their names and personalities. It is wonderful to feel like I have a team.

On the other hand, I am not used to all the responsibility that comes with being expected to follow up on your own stuff. Because they actually care about me as a teacher, there is no getting away with "Oh, I didn't know about that," or "I didn't receive that notice," because I did receive it, and am included in everything. I am not ignored as a common babysitter utilized for prep time for real teachers, but am seen as a competent music teacher of my own right who has important things to teach the next generation.

Oh, and I have been given my own laptop.

And a projection screen in my room.

Other updates? Jeremiah turned 1 year old in the past couple weeks, and he is becoming more of a charmer than ever. We recently took a plane ride to Seattle - yes, that was not the ideal way to spend a long Labor Day weekend, but at least my family got to meet the little guy. Actually, Jer did fine on the plane, but it was still us trying to take a 1 year old on an 8 hour plane ride with layovers. People were great about him needing to move around, accidently pulling their hair (if they were lucky enough to be sitting in front of us), shouting to hear how he sounded in the long, echoing terminals...etc. But, needless to say, in addition to having jet lag, Jon and I were exhausted from the endeavor. And we have to do it again in March, then again in August for 2 weddings. I don't know if that will actually happen, we'll see.

Life is good...the trip to Seattle made me really appreciate what we have here in our little family away from it all. I love them there, but the makeup of the house was a little frantic for me. And cluttered. I am definitely becoming a little neurotic about clutter in my space. (Jon right now would be saying, "a little?")

Anyway, it is good to be home. I am only 3 days into my new job, and still getting used to things, but so far, it's great. I have really missed teaching the youngun's. :) I didn't think I would. I guess Mr. Manseau was right about suggesting I go into teaching music.

My room.