Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Teaching is going MUCH better. So much better, in fact, that I now no longer dread having any classes. The "testing" period is over; the children have decided to accept me; I have decided to not eat them for breakfast. :)

There are still the "noodgie" students, as I like to call them. That's a nicer term than I would actually like to use. But, I have started to make some good observations of the motives behind the noodgie behavior which in turn helps me take an appropriate consequence when they act out. Most of the children acting out at this point simply want attention, and these children want attention because I know for a fact that people at home are either too busy (for good reasons or for other reasons) or uncaring. So, it's easy to feel pity and give grace, but these children also need boundaries and tough love. So, at this point, I am trying to be as firm and kind as I can without giving in to their shenanigans. Not as easy as it sounds.

Especially because these 2 kids I have been referring to are absolutely hilarious. No joke. I would be laughing out loud if I knew they could handle it.

So, it is a Wednesday, and I am halfway through my school day and almost done with my work week. I have gotten through the tougher classes and now only have a wonderful kindergarten class that does anything I say and a fun Second Grade class that is always entertaining and productive.

So, at the moment, life is pretty grand and I feel blessed by God to be in this time of my life with a steady job, wonderful family and friends, and kids to help me laugh through the stressful moments.

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