Tuesday, December 02, 2008

get healthy already!

I am trying to be healthier...not only to lose weight and feel better, but to be a more productive person. The last few years I have been struggling with extreme tiredness, which is a combination of having had a horrible case of mono, being pregnant, and then having a newborn. But, although I am not noticeably tired lately, I do think that I am technically still sleep-deprived and acting not at capacity. So, I have been trying to get to sleep earlier.

I have also started taking vitamins. I have never done this in my life except when I was a little girl and had to take the Flintstone vitamins and I hated the grape flavored ones and threw them behind my mother's couch. But, now I am taking the huge women's daily supplement ones and think I am actually noticing a difference.

Also, I have been doing Pilates. Never done that before either, but I hope to make my core back and stomach muscles stronger from this endeavor. It is not relaxing like I'd hoped, but I do feel like I've done something.

And...last but not least, I have been trying to eat all the colors of the rainbow every day. So far, that is still a pretty lofty aspiration, but it is the current thing that I am trying to form into a habit.

The end. Hopefully I will become a less grumpy person in the pursuit of these healthy lifestyle changes.

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