Wednesday, April 22, 2009

random thoughts

I wish I was a good writer. I think about it too little, where other people think about it often, making mental notes and phrasings about their thoughts. I think I am just a little too artsy to make my thoughts form more intelligible sentences. Like that, right there. Is "intelligible" even a word? I would think not, but I like how it sounds, and I tend to write how I think anyway.

Here are my thoughts lately, in completely unpredictable order:

1. I am sometimes glad, and sometimes sad, that I am not a high school music teacher.

2. I need to learn a mezzo-soprano aria in German...which is not easy to find. I finally found one, and it is apparantly so rare that there is no recording for it. But it looks amazing. Nancy's aria from Martha by Flotow. It wasn't originally in the score, but was written for the original singer to show off. And it is most definitely showy.

3. I think I am singing really well. I am starting to get a list together for my audition rep for a masters program.

4. I am sometimes scared that I am really not that good a singer, and other people are being gracious by letting me sing at different events. Maybe I am ordinary after all. That is a big fear.

5. It was wonderful to go to a different church service this week. I need to worship with music, and our church is sorely lacking in this department. It was great to sing praise songs and listen to high schoolers sing, and get lost in praising God with song.

6. I just finished reading Ezra in the Bible. I had no idea it was that short. It has been interesting reading through the Old has stirred me to see God's love and grace through all it's pages in ways that I never saw before.

7. It is very hard to make leftovers usable for other meals. It takes a lot of creativity...the kind that I'm not sure I possess, but I try. Right now i have a TON of leftovers in our fridge that I'm not sure I can re-use, but am trying to be resourceful. Tonight, its beef stew.

That's all. Goodnight all, whoever you may be. Give a shout out if you read this!


jennifer said...

Hey, I read your blog and enjoy your thoughts. Your writing is always a true glimpse into your mind and heart. Thanks for sharing.

jennifer said...
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