Thursday, June 04, 2009

Comments from voice adjudicators:


"Good flexiblity and runs"
"Nice rich voice - strong face"
"nice attire"
"lovely, vibrant singing"
"I like your fire in (the Carmen). Nice sense of character"


"Don't keep a hairband on your wrist!"
"Try not to sway to the music!"
"Your face was rather blank - show us the joy of (Laudamus Te)"
"Try to keep a smooth vocal line even with that drive (for Carmen)"
"Diction is not good, very swallowed"
"low notes problematic at times"
"don't show us your inner work"
"much more personality in the Bizet"
"keep your body and head still in an oratorio"
"'te' vowel is too dark - keep it forward"
"trills are a bit inaudible"
"keep consonants forward for clearer French"
"not sure Carmen is right for your color and temperament"

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