Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm being followed!

Being an independent sort of person, I never knew that I would love being followed around by someone else every moment that they are awake. This little person in my life is such a joy...if I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, he is there to watch and shove his face into my toothbrush. If I go into our bedroom to make the bed, he is there playing on the keyboard and pulling out all our books and climbing on the bed to get to me so he can have a hug. If I go into the kitchen, he is there rearranging all his magnets on the fridge and clamoring for yet another snack. Sometimes, I will venture into his room to "clean" or just tidy up so that he will actually play with the toys he has - which he won't do very often if I don't stay in there with him. And even then, he will want me to read him books and wrestle and sing songs...anything as long as I am interacting with him.

You might read that and think (as I would when I was "pre-kid"): That is exhausting! When does she get time to just do her own thing and relax? But the funny thing is - I AM doing my own thing. Jeremiah just fits into it perfectly. It wasn't overnight...and it wasn't easy making the adjustment. There is not a sudden "mothering-mode" that you get installed into you at the time of the child's birth. But, you learn and learn and learn...about the baby, about letting go, about yourself. And suddenly, you realize that life is normal again. Only it's a new normal with a little person following you around as you putter around the house, run errands, visit with friends. And this little person is completely happy to just be wherever you are. Or, at least mine is. God is teaching me through this little one how it feels to be truly loved for just being who you are. What a blessing.

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