Friday, July 17, 2009

the goal is to audition next year for a Masters of Performance degree...hopefully somewhere in Boston. Been working on a few songs, some of which you know from previous posts:

1) Italian:
"Una Voce Poco Fa", Il Barbieri di Siviglia, Rossini
"Voce di Donna", "La Gioconda, Poncielli
"Voi, che Sapete", Le Nozze di Figaro, Mozart
*lots of Italian to choose from...these are the three I think I will focus on at this point.

"Pres de Remparts de Seville", Carmen, Bizet
"Habanera", Carmen, Bizet
"Ah! Vaissez Couler mes Larmes!", Werther, Massenet
*I know all three of these, and all are really fun. Out of the three, I am really in love with the Massenet...very dramatic and tragic.

"When I am Laid in Earth", Dido and Aeneas, Purcell
"Augusta! How can you turn away?", The Ballad of Baby Doe" Moore
"Must the Winter Come So Soon?", Vanessa, Barber
*I do not know the 2nd one, but like it the best of the three...I know the other two and like voice teacher says the 1st suits my voice well...but I think it's a little understated. But then, I tend to like things over-the-top with my singing. :)

4) German:
"Chacun a son gout", Die Fleudermaus, Strauss
"Nimmermehr wird mein Herze sich gramen", Martha, Flotow
*there are not many options for Mezzo- german arias...I am not thrilled with the 1st musically and the 2nd is unknown to the general population of classical music buffs...but is really fun with lots of coloratura and bravado.

I don't know how many languages I varies from place to place. Most seem to want 3-4...which I would have. The good thing is, most of these songs I've been living and working with for a while, so I can really feel comfortable with them. Except for the German...those are the X factor. And the ones I'll probably be asked to sing, with my luck.

Anyway, just an update. Here's another one of these songs for you to hear, "Voce di Donna". Really pretty.

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