Friday, August 28, 2009

a few vs. the masses

I think part of why I get so nervous to sing at an audition (apart from the auditors there to find what is wrong with what you are doing) is the fact that you are singing in front of only one or a few people. I think that is much harder than singing in front of an audience. And can kind of...block out into a senseless mass that wants to be entertained. They are friendlier and less critical in my mind. They cough and sneeze and whisper loudly about funny things. And they are "supposed" to clap for you at the end. One or two people is just awkward. They are usually close in proximity and don't make any noise. Indeed, they listen carefully, with rapt attention so that any mistake is magnified and judged. And then they decide to accept or reject you. I can be very confident only if I know it is casual. I hate the stand-there-and-sing-while-we-barely-greet-you-and-stare-as-you-pour-out-your-heart-in-song audition.

It's unnerving.

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sarah marie said...

I know what you mean. I am preparing for an audition I don't even know if I'll get yet (have to get past the resume stage first) and I'm already feeling freaked about even the possibility. I agree, auditions can be scarier than recitals or concerts.