Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes yes, I'm trying to create a website for self-promotion with my singing. I sincerely doubt it will see the light of day until next spring, because there really isn't much to put on it yet. So far, I have some headshots, my resume, and a (very) short biography of my short career as a singer. But, it's a start! I'm not sure I like the free service I'm using, but it's fun to dabble in this idea. I would be ok with paying for a website as well, but I want to play with this one first and see what I want before I get too professional with it.

So...I'm not telling anyone the web adress yet. Or maybe ever. We'll see. It's really only for me at this point. But maybe I'll let you guys in on a sneak peak at some point in the coming months, if I can get some recordings done and posted on there. :)

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