Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clean my House!

I've been hired as the cleaning lady at our local's been an interesting ride so far. I really don't think the church has been deep-cleaned in years. I'm doing way beyond the normal requirement of basic cleaning week-to-week...but it is SO needed. I've finally gotten to the point that I'm basically happy with how things look...but a lot of heavy-duty things still need to be done. Like, shampooing the carpets, repainting the windowsills, completely re-doing both the bathrooms in the main church area, purging the library and storage areas that are filled to the brim with sunday school and lesson materials that are decades old.

Ugh, I get so mad just thinking about it sometimes. The first week I was there (scrubbing black stuff off the kitchen walls) I just kept thinking about the fact that any new person stepping into our church would think we don't care about what God thinks at all. We had this place so disgusting...and it is a reflection of how we view our Lord. I don't know why it hit me so hard... maybe because I've just read through the entire Old Testament where every action is about honoring God and the consequences of not giving Him the honor and praise He deserves...but I was incredulous at how dirty everything was. I've been working over the alloted time to scrub down walls and floors and make all these outdated rusty appliances and cabinets look clean in some way shape or form. But the important thing to me is this: We need to keep God's house in shape. It's a reflection of our love for Him, and the rest of the world will notice. I've been slowly getting to all these little things, and thinking to myself, No one will notice that this huge stain on the carpet is no longer here. But I bet they noticed when it was there.

And we wonder why we've had visitors never come back. If you kept your house that way, do you think people would be breaking down the door to return?

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