Sunday, October 18, 2009

thoughts for "Magic Flute" audition today

I am singing, singing..."Voi che sapete..."


"Gelo e poi sento..." Appropriate that I would mess up that one line in my audition. (translation: "Freezing is this feeling...")

Ah well. I can honestly say that my nerves did not get the better of me for this latest audition. I was scheduled to sing two songs - the panel only had me sing one...they were "speeding right through." I know they were behind in the time slots, so I hope they were sincere and not just being nice.

The schedule girl told me, "Nice job!" I try to take that as a good sign when those people say something...since they've heard everyone. And the little time I was there, she hadn't said that to anyone.

So, I am hopeful. The good thing is, I feel I sang well and represented what I could do, to a small extent. The bad thing is, I forgot the aforementioned phrase. UGH! I could just shoot myself in the head. It really ticks me off.

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