Sunday, November 08, 2009

Affirmation...and Rejection

I accomplished my goal...(was it really me?)...I got passed the first round of Opera Idol and was asked to sing in the second round Semi-Finals yesterday. My friend, Dan, was also asked back - we were both ecstatic. I felt really affirmed that I can sing well, and especially so because I sang a song that I have not gotten much positive feedback from: the "Seguidilla" from Carmen.

I know I said earlier that I was going to sing "Una Voce...", but they changed the format up and had the judges choosing a song for the first round. Two women before me sang two of my selections, 1)"Va! laisse couler..." and "Una Voce...", so I figured they didn't want to hear either. Those are the two favorites for me out of the four I listed before. The Carmen character is hard for me...I don't like to appear sensual and controlling...which unfortunately is a most of what Carmen is about. But, they asked for Carmen, so I became as much like Carmen as I could possibly be in the moment. They seemed pleased, I felt I sang well, and got a call back on my ride home. Done. Mission accomplished. The fact that I wasn't that nervous, was able to play the character and play with the line and articulation of the song and have others see and hear that - that was my goal for this competition.

Second round was the next day - this time I get to choose my own piece. I felt that the showiest piece was "Una Voce..." even though I know it is done a lot, and I had been waking up every morning feeling more and more like a cold was inevitably coming on. I, again, drank coffee, drank lots of water, warmed up and felt the top was in great shape, the middle and low notes were bellow-y...which happens when my sinuses and throat are swollen. I would just have to be careful to sing through it and keep as much top as possible coming down the lines. This makes the performance a little less powerful in my opinion, but it's better to have good technique when you're not up to par.

So, I went in, sang my piece. It went well as a performance, but I felt I let the bottom of my voice get away from me as it popped in and out a few times during the song. Jon came with me this time, and he didn't think it was that noticable, but maybe it was after all. He and Dan thought I did well - and I felt I did myself justice given the circumstances. The only things I wish I could have over would be my health and my nerves. I ended up being way more nervous than I thought I would be...obviously this made my voice sound shakier than it already was with the sinus-cold-disaster. The panel had the option of asking for a second piece, which they did not, but thanked me nicely. I felt confident enough, but wasn't sure what they thought. Was it good enough for the top 15?

Dan got into the finals, and called to tell me so. Then came the agonizing 2 hours of waiting and slowly coming to grips with the fact that I am not going to get a call. There will be no finals for me. Bummer.

But, if I stick to my original plan - I already accomplished my goal. Everything else would have been icing on the cake.

Maybe next time I should set a bigger goal. ;)

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