Friday, November 20, 2009

a little too much...

Today: shopping to use up my awesome free coupons, cleaning the church, cleaning a house, babysitting, meeting with S., ...and I just realized that this will all be in the rain.

Tomorrow: clean the stinking house and get as ready as possible for our trip to OK.

Sunday: church, travel to Gillette for amazing Patriots game! Get back late-ish.

Monday: work, pick up kids, babysit, make dinner, lyricora rehearsal.

Tuesday: work, pick up kids, make dinner, meet J. for tea and bonding, pack!

Wednesday: work 1/2 day, try to get out a little early to get home for last minute packing, leave for airport around 1:30-2. Go to OK with a 2-year-old who hopefully won't melt down on the plane during bedtime! :)

How does everything just get so crazy for the holiday times?

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