Monday, December 07, 2009

Feedback from Magic Flute Audition

So, I finally got some feedback from the Magic Flute audition that I posted about here.

Comments from panelists:

* Could consider the possibility that soubrette soprano rep would be better than mezzo

*Not much in the way of acting – doesn’t move - needs specificity!!

*Vibrato occasionally fluttery (off breath)

*Posture could be much better

*Too harsh in chest voice

*Lots of potential, change is needed

Comments from Stage Director - General comments for everyone:

* EASE. Physically, with character, with voice. Be pleasant and fearless. Do not force anything... everything should seem to flow out of you. Many people at these auditions were "chained" to the floor. A lot of folks were singing from the waist up and seemed to be presenting as opposed to performing. Finally, be careful not to wander aimlessly.

* JOY. It should seem to "make your day" to get this chance to perform... try not to care whether it is an audition or a show. When you have fun it makes us want to watch you and listen to you.

* FOCUS. Do NOT look at the audition panel! Many folks were not in character at all... they would watch us to see what we were doing. Or wander aimlessly. Find specific focuses that make sense within your aria and relate to your character.

It's SO great to get feedback from real people in the business. I am privileged that they took the time to email this to me. It is a struggle to stay positive, especially when I have been feeling like I've been singing well for the last year or two. And, now come to find out the problems are more than I thought. But, there are good things, and I need to work with what I have and work to fix the things I don't have or are weaknesses.

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sarah marie said...

Stay positive, Jen. Are you taking lessons with anyone right now? I'm glad you're doing these auditions... what a good experience.

Feel free to use the quote from my blog... if you google Marylou Speaker Churchill's advice to auditionees, you'll find the full text I took that from online. She was quite a woman.