Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love then.

Here are a few inspiring words from my friend's blog (you can find the entire post here). To read about Mary Lou Churchill's passion for music and love of it was a much needed wake-up call for me-the-performer. I began singing as a teeny little girl, wailing away to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and anything else that my motown-loving dad would put on in the car. I would sing myself to sleep every night, just with any old song that struck my fancy. I would sing to God as a prayer, instead of speaking it. I would try for the high notes and be so excited at the thrill it would bring to hit them, and sometimes even hit them well! ;)

But somewhere along the line, I went into training as a singer. There, I was told that I had "potential" but needed to "clean the technique up a bit." I had always been told by listeners that they enjoyed the meaning I put into whatever song was being sung. But, lately, in the quest to better my singing - and present myself well at auditions - I have forgotten the first rule of performing: Love the music. If you are not performing with love, you are nothing but a clanging cymbal or a crashing gong.

"It appears that the greatest concern of the young musician seeking an orchestral position is the belief in stage-fright or nerves. Assuming proper preparation and a good attitude (I have nothing to lose, I don't have the job so I can't lose it), the manifestation of a loss of control is simply fear; fear of not doing as well as you can. There is a law of this universe which is so simple and so powerful and it literally wipes this fear out of your being, and it is this... "perfect love casts out fear." If you are actively engaged in loving your instrument, loving the music, loving the audience, loving the committee, loving your enemies, then there is simply no room for fear of any kind, and you will find yourself playing better than you expected. To love is to live, and breathe, and sing, and play. Love then." ~ Mary Lou Speaker Churchill

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