Thursday, January 21, 2010

monkey see, monkey do.

my little one does whatever I want to do. Sometimes I think this is great, I can go where I want and he won't cause a fuss (most of the time), or we can hang out at the house and do chores or sing or dance or watch a little kid show (or a big kid show) or just putter around doing nothing but enjoying the day.

Right now, he is watching a show on Noggin and happily crawled next to me to snuggle and watch me type and check email and such.

While this is nice, I must also remember that the "pliable-ness" in his personality will lend itself to mine and Jon's example. If we sit around all the time, so will he. If we use our energy to get things done and be active, so will he (at least in this point in his life). This is a very mellow child, easy to get along with, not one to cause waves. I must remember to help him be active...and that means using the time I have with him to be active and get him moving and helping around the house and playing with all his toys.

This gets tough since I have less and less time at home lately. I don't want to be running around and doing the chores. I've been working all week, and want a break. I like having the TV on sometimes...yet I know it's not always good for him. I like being lazy and not doing much, but I know if he sees that every week I'm with him, he'll think that's what we're supposed to do. And he will get used to it.

I want to do the right things. God give me grace. :)

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