Saturday, February 13, 2010

Answered prayers

I submitted my application for the Masters program about a week ago, and I got an email from the director saying I have been accepted about an hour ago.

(I was told that I wouldn't know until April.)

I don't have to take the techniques of conducting class since I took it as an undergrad, saving me about $1200 dollars, and giving me the opportunity to conduct a higher caliber choir later.

I have been given an amazing gift of free childcare this summer (while I'm doing this Masters program) from a generous couple of women in my church, who simply want to spend time with Jeremiah. I started crying on the phone when they told me.

(we don't have money to pay for the amount of childcare that we will need in the upcoming months. This has stressed to me out like you wouldn't believe.)

There is a huge possibility that we could move soon to a nicer place and pay less money while helping out an old friend. This would allow for us to pay off debt faster, pay more out of pocket for schooling, and save for a place of our own someday...all of which seemed so out-of-reach lately.

My church is changing. There's not much more I can say about this now, but it's needed to happen. One thing I'm thrilled about is Jeremiah now has a Sunday School teacher, so he can actually have some "church" too.

God is good. I will try to stop developing ulcers now.

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