Wednesday, February 10, 2010


February is one of my hardest months to get through.

I know some of you out there agree with me. It's just...blah. It's routine. I know there's Valentine's Day, and that's cool, but it's not anything more than a day. It's not like you decorate the house and wait for it to happen.

Unless some of you do. Which is fine. (Maybe that's how you get through your February?)

I usually end up being somewhat depressed around this time of year and it totally has to do with the weather and lack of fresh air. It's really cold in New England for a long time. This southern-born girl does not appreciate a winter that is 4 months long. Sometimes (most times), longer. And February is right smack in the middle of that long stretch of miserableness. If it was up to me, I might have moved to warmer regions by now and just dealt with finding all new friends. My hubby doesn't go for that idea. He says winter is beautiful.

And today, there was a snowstorm. Well, a sort of snowstorm. As in, they predicted this huge snowfall and horrible commute and we got barely a dusting. Ah well. The nice thing is, the old snow looks fairly new again. And it was a change. It was nice to have something besides cold, dry, and windy. Falling snow is beautiful. Not the change I would have asked for (70 degrees and sunny, anyone?), but it is the change that was given.

So, I praise God for his willingness to bring some different into this February, even if it's a sensible different. It is the small graces that keep me alive and kicking.

Thank you, Lord, for the snow.

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