Monday, February 01, 2010

DONE! (almost)

I am finally finished with my Master's application. :)

The hardest part by far was dealing with my incompetancy involving anything to do with technology. UGH. I had a simple task of recording myself for 15 minutes doing a lesson with some students, and transfering it onto a DVD. Simple.

Not so simple for cretens such as myself. I literally wanted to throw either myself or the computer at the wall. Jon decided to take over at that point.

He very nicely stayed up way too late last night making it all work (and was exhausted this morning). So, I brought my laptop to work today and spent my prep trying (and failing and trying again and failing again) to get the introduction-to-the-lesson video and the lesson video onto the same DVD. Finally (I have no idea how), I did it.

And I tested the DVD by playing it on a normal DVD player, and IT WORKED.

Now I just have to get a test done to make sure I don't have TB and I'm done.

(who gets TB nowadays anyway? Is this a problem in suburban America?)

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