Friday, February 05, 2010

Flip at F

The latest vocal issue I've been tackling comes with the territory: practicing. I actually love to practice, mostly because I just love to sing, so it's always happening. But the kind of practicing I need to learn to do is more in the category of "workout." I had a lesson the other day with my fabulous teacher, and she told me that the only way my voice will be able to bridge those incredibly awful passagio gaps between middle and chest is by strengthening from head voice down and chest voice up. I was relieved to hear that, since all I had ever been taught was head-voice-down-head-voice-down-don't-put-it-in-chest-it'll-sound-too-harsh.

You mean it's ok for a mezzo to use her chest voice? To mix it in, but also use it fully!?

"Of course," she replies. "As long as it isn't strained."

Fabulous. I am on a roll. So, I am to create a regimen, a vocal workout that will strengthen the notes in the breaks, but also give me a general shape up in my singing. Things like:

*5 minutes of panting in 30 second intervals
*10 minutes of the Shakespeare exercise in head voice only up and down by half steps to the metronome set at 60
*10 minutes of Shakespeare exercise in fuller voice at same tempo and pitches


I like this plan. Like all good workouts, it will be exciting for a while, and then become mundane and like work. But, I know it will be better for me to do this and then add any warm ups and repertoire. So I will work and not have a little flip at my F above middle C. :)

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