Monday, March 29, 2010

beginning to be grateful

I have been over at a fellow blogger's site, and am humbled by her tenacity to Christ. She seems to embrace God in all she does, struggling to live out her faith in the day-to-day - no, minute-to-minute family life. She has a Monday theme that she does over there called "Multitude Mondays." To participate, you simply list 1000 things you are grateful for over the course of however many mondays it takes. I'd like to start. This space tends to be a venting space for me, but it would be nice to begin accepting and giving grace in all I do. So, here are my first few gratitudes:

1. layers of warm blankets on unexpectedly chilly nights

2. little boy arms covered in spaghetti pulling my face towards his for a mid-supper embrace

3. my husband's empathetic chocolate-brown eyes that always encourage me to share at the end of his tiring day

4. hope for monetary savings in the near future

5. supportive administration in my job

6. God's unending love and his grace that reveals it to me

7. that God allows us the pleasure of art and music, to glorify Him

8. long, complicated science fiction books :)

9. candles giving soft glow on serene baby faces

10. a dry, clean apartment after the floods

holy experience

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