Saturday, March 20, 2010

gone and going...

Haven't updated in a while...and don't really have time for a good one now. But, here's what's happened...

We had torrential downpours and our basement apartment flooded. thankfully, no damage to speak of, but we were displaced for almost a week. We had a lovely family to stay with, and wonderful landlords that took care of everything and then some. Jeremiah thought it was a really fun field trip. I am just thankful to be home and back to normal.

My 4th graders had a Combined Pops Concert with my district's Middle and High School went really well. I had about an 80% turnout, I think. Everyone loved it.

Chicago came and went. It ended up fine, but started really badly. I had to sing for one of the girls who was sick, while conducting. Never tried that? Not my ideal way to keep your stress level down. Add to that student techies who aren't familiar with the show, and you have opening night. It got exponentially better from there.

I played piano accompaniment for an elementary musical. It was cute, but somewhat painful, especially the "talent show" portion that was student directed. By 3rd-6th grade students. Painful. I'll let your imagination handle that one. I'm glad it's over. And glad I got paid a lot to do it.

and what's next:

Schutz's The Seven Last Words for a Maundy Thursday service. This will be good to work my lower range as orotorio is not my strong suit.

Mozart's The Magic Flute rehearsals with M_______ Opera start soon. Doesn't look like the rehearsal schedule will be that bad, and I'm excited to watch some semi-pro's in action.

I signed up to sing in W________ Opera Works Aria Sing next sunday. Not quite sure what I'm going to sing yet, but plan to have a good time and hopefully get some good feedback.

Also, have Fine Arts Night coming up for my elementary kids in April. We're not quite ready, so I'm a little nervous...we'll have to see what happens.

That's all for now.

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