Thursday, March 25, 2010

i hate being....misunderstood.

Jeremiah has a great kid's cd called "Philadelphia Chickens" on which is a track sung by Meryl Streep (yes, THAT Meryl Streep) called "Nobody understands me." This bluesy track has Meryl singing in a perfect Broadway whisper voice about how "nobody understands memmily blit each day!" She continues to sing nonsense throughout the song until it is nothing but jibberish at the end.

As I have an uncanny ability to inaccurately express myself lately, I find myself singing this song, trying to remember that all is not lost. Miscommunications happen all the time to all types of people. I just wish I had more of clue sometimes about whether I'm at fault or not, and how to watch what I say to make it easier to interpret what I really mean.

"When I think of all the gloubblesnop I've tried so hard to explain..." (Meryl again)

(ugh) Sometimes I wish I didn't have to talk to anyone ever again. Except those who really know what I'm like. Who know that more than anything, I desire to make people feel comfortable and not cause issues, even if it means my stuff/living area/routine/life is disrupted. I hate when something I say is taken a completely different way than I meant. This happened a lot to me growing up, and it still stings.

"...But I guess, zooblubble that way."

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