Friday, April 23, 2010

C_______ audition

Auditioned for C______ (an instrumental and choral collaborative ensemble group in Boston) today. There was no pianist to accompany, and the audition suggestion was to sing something that was under 5 minutes, showed your range and, if you wanted to go for the Copland "In the Beginning" solo for the fall, sing something modern in English. Right.

So, I sang "Lullaby" from Menotti's The Consul. I think I sang well enough and with confidence. The woman in charge was talking to me a lot about the rehearsal process and when things start, and suggested since I sang something modern that I was comfortable with Copland...? This group sings (and plays) during the off-season, as in the summer months and mid-winter months. You audition to be part of the group for 1-3 years, and she told me they sing a wide variety of rep, not really doing much with bigger works so they can give more people more opportunities to perform.

I sang the low F...never done that in an audition, but it seemed ok tonight. She commented on it. Overall, don't know what she really thought...maybe she thinks I'm a good fit for the group, but not for the solo. She said there are about 30 people in the chorus, and they are hoping to be able to do the Copland a capella. I'm hoping because she questioned me about the Copland that she is liking me for it. We'll see.

I don't want to get my hopes up, and would honestly be excited to be part of this group regardless. But, my hopes are up. I will find out the status at the beginning of next week.

The best part is...I wasn't that nervous! YAY!

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