Monday, April 05, 2010

Count it all joy

It was a hard weekend, with allergies rising, little boy tantrums, family missing, body aching. But, it was a good weekend overall. The pastor's sermon was about "counting it all joy" in all situations...our Sunday School lesson was about that too. They were not intentionally coordinated. The Resurrection is just one example, albeit the biggest, of how something so wrong can be leading toward God's ultimate bigger, better, and beautifully glorious plan. Things that are hard to count as joy right now will be my gratitude for the week:

11. an aching body that serves me well and heals continually.

12. pollen and ragweed and floral blooms that give life and fragrance and luster after a dull winter.

13. Zyrtec. Need I say more? (what a wonderful drug)

14. students that rejoice and thrill at music games, and learn to work together as musicians

15. a healthy, happy boy-child with curly thick dark hair that feels deeply and loves his mama and dada and the outdoors and machinery, so much so that he sobs when he cannot have the things he loves.

16. that God has given us emotions to live and feel and empathize and learn.

17. healthy drinking water when I have been speaking all day

18. a chance with a new (to me) opera company tonight to participate in preparing for a production of one of Mozart's famous operas

19. family to love and be loved by.

20. slightly cool breezes and sunny weather to remind us that winter is through

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Jenny said...

My husband suffers with allergies, especially fall ragweed. Thank you for sharing your list full of life and love.