Monday, May 03, 2010

giving thanks anyway.

Today is a hard day, with too much to process and demons who bring unforgiving thoughts and tears that come unbidden. But, as I am reminded today, we are to give thanks in all things. So, here goes:

21. snappy school-children who think grownup but are young

22. challenging music that creates dyslexic chords

23. honest analysis of my baby

24. help around the corner

25. the dirt and dust and grime in every spot of this apartment, for all who care to find it

26. my emotional mess of a self

27. clouds

28. humidity and rain

29. a child who sleeps unawares of change

30. lessons learned in how to trust in You.

Lord, may I trust and cling ever harder to You as more of my worldly security is stripped away, leaving the soul exposed and walls torn down. That's what I want, but I forget how cold it can be to be so naked in front of so many. You know all, see all, and ARE all. Hold our family during this time of trusting. Give us clarity and true thoughts and wise decisions. Keep us together and help me love, when all I want to do is run. Thank you for this day. Amen.

holy experience

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Karelin said...

My situation may be different from yours, but my heart is in the same place. We daily trust. He is Faithful. Aloha!