Monday, June 28, 2010

a new day

busy times, but very good times...I am learning so much in just 4 days of this grad program. I already feel more competent as a music teacher...I just wish I could shake this fatigue. But there is much to be thankful for...

41. my mother-in-law who comes down to babysit and do the dishes and give baths to the child and cook dinner tomorrow! Yay!

42. beautiful summer weather. Yes, it is humid, but better than cold!

43. cool water to splash around in

44. coupons for free iced coffee at DD's!

45. bright, multi-colored fans that make me smile and remember my silliness as a teenager

46. my toddler becoming a boy SO fast, changing every week, every day to something that makes me laugh in awe.

47. toilets that work

48. food to put on the table

49. memory that allows me to recall how to play the French Horn after 10 years of negligence

50. confident music teachers that show me how to be fearless and gracious in front of peers

Saturday, June 26, 2010

GRAD school!

Just started my Masters of Music Ed program for the summer. It's a 3 summer program, and should fit nicely into my schedule for the next couple years. I'm taking pretty basic courses right now -

- Foundations of Music Education (a course on history and philosophy of music ed, with LOTS of minutiae and details to remember)

- Non-Western Music (a course which should be labeled "World Music" so we don't sound so egotistical as to think the rest of the world's music should be defined by our location)

- Lab Ensemble (an interactive course for all years' participants, conducted by 2nd and 3rd year students - I am singing soprano for the choir, because they needed more, and playing French Horn for the band, because it's my secondary (ha!) instrument.)

So, it will be an interesting summer. I am actually excited to sing and play parts other than I am used to in Lab, but it will stretch me big time. As typical performer, I noticed that we are singing "Laudate Dominum" by Mozart as one of the choir pieces, and, as a "soprano", I'm hoping I can snag the solo. Not that it matters, but, sadly, to me, it kinda does. Anyway...

I am thinking about taking a workshop with John Feierabend...but haven't signed up yet, and should do it soon. I kinda need the credits, and who knows how much I'll be able to take on next summer, with other changes happening...

I have a lot of these... ... ... ... ...sorry.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Haven't given thanks in a while...

But it doesn't mean I'm not thankful!

31. friends at choral rehearsals who let me laugh

32. sports announcers who help me understand and give me something to imitate

33. really good sports teams that make it fun to stay up late and cheer

34. children who share their love through gifts, cards, hugs, and conversation

35. the end of a good school year filled with much learning

36. sunny days chasing the clouds away

37. cathartic cries with a wise hubby

38. a son who learns fast and is eager to please

39. mother-in-laws who try hard and love and come to watch the boy while we go out together with friends

40. really good spy novels late at night to give me mysterious dreams

And off I go. It's at the good part! goodnight!

holy experience

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Summer Doings

Hello all -

It's been a few weeks, and I am trying to end the school year with sanity...

(which simply means ignoring most other things until I no longer have to be with cranky teachers and students who don't believe school should be in session once the thermometer reaches 70 degrees.)

But, there are many other developments. I officially have 3 summer gigs, and here they are, in no particular order:

1. L_______ Opera Summer Concert Series, singing 2 nights...
- Broadway Melodies, and
- Rising Stars (mostly arias)

2. W________ Opera Works Summer Concert Series, again, singing 2 nights...
- Broadway Night, which gives me 2 songs to sing and an ensemble role!
- Aria Night, again, 2 songs to sing.

3. Mezzo-soprano soloist with C________ for Copland's In the Beginning. (confirmed yesterday!!)

So, singing is progressing, and I feel pretty secure about it (at the moment). :)

Other news...Jeremiah is starting with his official Early Intervention person tomorrow...she is very sweet and an social/emotional expert, so hopefully we will start getting some answers as to what is going on in his head. AND....and, and!


I love the last one. It is so exciting, and if you haven't gone through it yet, you might not understand. But, I hope someday you too have the thrill of seeing a 2 year old pee, by himself, with no cajoling/pleading/threatening from you...\

not on the floor,

not in his pants (again!)

not on the leather chair,

but on the toilet. What a wonderful day.