Saturday, June 26, 2010

GRAD school!

Just started my Masters of Music Ed program for the summer. It's a 3 summer program, and should fit nicely into my schedule for the next couple years. I'm taking pretty basic courses right now -

- Foundations of Music Education (a course on history and philosophy of music ed, with LOTS of minutiae and details to remember)

- Non-Western Music (a course which should be labeled "World Music" so we don't sound so egotistical as to think the rest of the world's music should be defined by our location)

- Lab Ensemble (an interactive course for all years' participants, conducted by 2nd and 3rd year students - I am singing soprano for the choir, because they needed more, and playing French Horn for the band, because it's my secondary (ha!) instrument.)

So, it will be an interesting summer. I am actually excited to sing and play parts other than I am used to in Lab, but it will stretch me big time. As typical performer, I noticed that we are singing "Laudate Dominum" by Mozart as one of the choir pieces, and, as a "soprano", I'm hoping I can snag the solo. Not that it matters, but, sadly, to me, it kinda does. Anyway...

I am thinking about taking a workshop with John Feierabend...but haven't signed up yet, and should do it soon. I kinda need the credits, and who knows how much I'll be able to take on next summer, with other changes happening...

I have a lot of these... ... ... ... ...sorry.

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