Monday, June 21, 2010

Haven't given thanks in a while...

But it doesn't mean I'm not thankful!

31. friends at choral rehearsals who let me laugh

32. sports announcers who help me understand and give me something to imitate

33. really good sports teams that make it fun to stay up late and cheer

34. children who share their love through gifts, cards, hugs, and conversation

35. the end of a good school year filled with much learning

36. sunny days chasing the clouds away

37. cathartic cries with a wise hubby

38. a son who learns fast and is eager to please

39. mother-in-laws who try hard and love and come to watch the boy while we go out together with friends

40. really good spy novels late at night to give me mysterious dreams

And off I go. It's at the good part! goodnight!

holy experience

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