Monday, June 28, 2010

a new day

busy times, but very good times...I am learning so much in just 4 days of this grad program. I already feel more competent as a music teacher...I just wish I could shake this fatigue. But there is much to be thankful for...

41. my mother-in-law who comes down to babysit and do the dishes and give baths to the child and cook dinner tomorrow! Yay!

42. beautiful summer weather. Yes, it is humid, but better than cold!

43. cool water to splash around in

44. coupons for free iced coffee at DD's!

45. bright, multi-colored fans that make me smile and remember my silliness as a teenager

46. my toddler becoming a boy SO fast, changing every week, every day to something that makes me laugh in awe.

47. toilets that work

48. food to put on the table

49. memory that allows me to recall how to play the French Horn after 10 years of negligence

50. confident music teachers that show me how to be fearless and gracious in front of peers

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