Monday, July 19, 2010

it's all about - LOVE

Grad school is going well...I have honestly had more fun talking with people about education than I ever have, and I am excited, and it is something that wakes me up and slows me to think and challenges and scares me at the same time, because what if I fail to do all I want next year, and what if all I learn becomes null and void by my lack of energy or lack of inspiration or defeated nature of teaching small children day after day?

It is so easy to let the doubts creep inside my head. I am insecure about my teaching, even as I ace the presentations (but my classmates are not my students, really...they already know the answers!), and learn to read and talk intelligent again (but when I leave this environment, what then?)

I love doing this, even through the doubts. I wish I could learn the grace that has been and is always given that all this doesn't matter. It really is just about how he wants my heart.

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