Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I should figure out how to post pictures on this thing...I have many things that would be fun to show the three people who actually read this: how I've changed the house around that I live in, although there are no "before" pics...I still think it's fun to redecorate and move furniture to put a new spin on a room. I would take pictures of my rapidly growing "little" boy because he's so gosh darn cute...

*update* - he went to preschool today with NO crying or fussing or reservation at all! this is so great...except he will probably be switching to the public schools soon and the process will start all over again. hmph. Well, let's not hmph...let's try to see the bright side. He is extremely adaptable and resilient, as most children are. And he most likely won't remember the trauma I seem to put him through every day through denial of cookies, cakes, and other sweets, forced quiet times/naps, and preschool and sunday school ventures. I just keep breathing and praying and being....a mom, I guess.

I am on a short break in my teaching day, and am so supremely impressed with my students: we did a country type of "reel" dance that was fairly involved for their ages, and both of my classes were able to sing it, dance it, and keep the forms intact for the entire 5 minute dance...and they seemed to be really enjoying it, having fun with it exactly like it would've been danced years ago. I am so excited. Teaching this year has been so much easier and student centered than ever before.

Gotta run...I realized I forgot to prepare something for my next lesson. Have I mentioned that things are going well, but I'm really disorganized this year for some reason? ugh. :)

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