Thursday, September 02, 2010

time to update

it's been a while.

I am almost always hesitant to post anything when it's been so I have to "update" you about everything going on in my life. Maybe I can do that quickly, and then (maybe?) elaborate on what I am focusing on as important...hope to not bore you too long:

- BIG DEAL: moved into a new place. and not just a new place ~ a BEAUtiful, HUGE, colonial with 2 monstrous yards and storage space and marble countertop to cook on and built-in closets get the picture. We are living in the house for the next year or two (possibility for longer, but we'll see) to take care of it for a family I grew up with who are moving away for a job. They ultimately want to come back here, and love the house, so they are sort of, lending it, let's say, to us for the time. And they said I can paint. (Yippee!)

- Jeremiah started preschool. Well, not officially, but unofficially. Today was the first time there without one of us with him, and his teacher said he did wonderfully. With all his developmental concerns, I have been a little worried about how this will affect him...hoping it will connect things in his brain, but prepared that it will cause him to be further behind by not "getting it." She said he responded to her questions and the other students there talking to him. I've never seen him do that. I am very excited for him this year.

- Patriots football has started. Woooo!

- Finished the first summer of my M.M.ed. and felt really good about it. I feel so excited for my year of teaching, and hoping I can pull off everything I want to pull off. But even if I can't, I will be really trying and enjoying teaching more than in past years. It's nice to have a direction again.

- The dress rehearsal and performance for the C_________ concert of Copland's "In the Beginning" and Mendelssohn's "Athalia" is on September 11!! I am so excited. The members of the group have been so encouraging and kind and it is really coming together. I am really trying to prepare well so my nerves don't undo the work I've been putting into this.

- My hubby is working part-time this year at a different mechanic's position, so he will be able to do his online seminary classes and keep working. The plus side of this is that he will be able to be with Jeremiah while I am at work, so we don't have to rely on other people this year. That is a huge relief for me, as I want him to always have one of us available at all times. The house deal makes this able to happen financially.(yay!)

- Oh, yeah...this past monday, I started school again: the 2010-2011 school year! That used to sound like so far in the future...maybe this year my room will get a smartboard. Every other room except the art and music rooms have them...hmm...time to write a grant? Or become a really squeaky wheel...It's unfortunate that the fine arts teachers often don't have the luxury of being a squeaky wheel because they could just get rid of us to make us stop...anyway, I rabbit-trailed...

also, I'm thinking of putting this blog up for the public to see, but am a bit nervous about it...that's pretty exposed. Any thoughts from those of you who read these little ditties? We'll see.

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