Friday, November 19, 2010


So far today, I have:

- grocery shopped for the last week and a half of November, which included buying a 12 lb. turkey for $6!!
- made homemade laundry detergent for the first time...we'll see how that works
- made homemade chicken stock
- swept and mopped the floors
- fed my son and I a great lunch

Today, I still hope to accomplish:

- painting the second coat of the music room
- vacuuming the entire downstairs
- cleaning off all surfaces with clorox wipes since my son refuses to stop being the rest of us are in constant exposure to his snot
- changing my phone back to the original device
- lining all upstairs rooms' drawers and organizing (finally) our winter clothing and putting away summer stuff
- a nap? (at least 20 minutes...please oh please)

hmmm...too much? maybe some nice jazz playing through all of this will inspire me to think it's somewhat enjoyable.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

God give me grace...

It's parent-teacher conference week at my school, and I, as the music specialist, of course have not a soul lined up to talk to me. Which I expected, and am honestly fine with, considering I have quite a bit to clean up and figure out for my curriculum and such anyway. Extra time is always welcomed. But, you always get the random pop-in parents who deign to say hello while waiting for their main appointment with the "real" teacher. These can be nice, but usually they're more annoying. People really need to think about what they say before they say it.

For example:

(background info...there is another elementary teacher in my district that splits teaching the Kindergarten classes with me...not an ideal situation, but he is a good teacher, and that's just the way the schedule crumbled for this year. He gets them once a week, and so do I, leaving lots of room for holes in curriculum to not be covered unless we are in constant communication. We (I, by bugging my principal) are working on changing it for next year.)

A parent was waiting for the teacher across the hall from me, saw me in my room, and pops her head in, smiling. I greet her, and she cuts me off saying, "You know, my son, Stephen, in Kindergarten? He talks about music all the time...I have to say, he likes Mr. W. better though. Hahaha!"

Now. What would you say to that? I could tell you what I wanted to say...but I'm sure you could imagine all sorts of things, so I'll leave you to that. I said, "Oh? well, that's nice. I'm glad he enjoys Mr. W.'s class so much. You know, it's difficult splitting the classes, as we don't want to create competition between teachers in the students' minds. We both teach the same material, but in different ways. Hopefully next year, we can get the scheduling mix-up fixed."

I thought that was nice.

She backpedaled a bit by saying her older child, Michael, enjoys my class very much. And then left.

Thanks, lady.

I think God invented grace for people like that. Well, and for people like me as well, 'cause who can tell how often I say stupid things...but thank goodness I don't have to deal with clueless parents throughout the whole of these 3 hours I'm forced to sit here, pretending to be busy with conferences.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

to believe in all the things I've yet to be...

So - I played this song on the piano for Jeremiah a couple weeks ago, and told him it was called "Christmas Lullaby" (the one from Jason Robert Brown's Songs for a New World) and he has been obsessed with it ever since. Almost every day, he is asking for me to play either a recording of it, or for us to venture into the music room for me to play and sing it one...more...time. He especially likes the part where it gets "wowder!" (louder, for those who don't speak jeremiah-ese) - the "Gloria" part. Especially, because when I sing it, it has to be louder in order to be in tune. I've decided that this may end up being a theme song for the next 5 months or so, since we are pregnant with our 2nd little one. Very apropos.

PS - he is really becoming a sensitive little musician...he plays a high C during the very quiet parts, exactly how I'm playing the rest of the music. What I'm most proud of is the fact that I only had to show him which note to play once, and he remembered from them on. I think I need to start some real piano lessons with him soon.