Saturday, November 06, 2010

to believe in all the things I've yet to be...

So - I played this song on the piano for Jeremiah a couple weeks ago, and told him it was called "Christmas Lullaby" (the one from Jason Robert Brown's Songs for a New World) and he has been obsessed with it ever since. Almost every day, he is asking for me to play either a recording of it, or for us to venture into the music room for me to play and sing it one...more...time. He especially likes the part where it gets "wowder!" (louder, for those who don't speak jeremiah-ese) - the "Gloria" part. Especially, because when I sing it, it has to be louder in order to be in tune. I've decided that this may end up being a theme song for the next 5 months or so, since we are pregnant with our 2nd little one. Very apropos.

PS - he is really becoming a sensitive little musician...he plays a high C during the very quiet parts, exactly how I'm playing the rest of the music. What I'm most proud of is the fact that I only had to show him which note to play once, and he remembered from them on. I think I need to start some real piano lessons with him soon.

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