Monday, December 27, 2010

We are in Oklahoma.

It took a while to get here. Atlanta was our layover destination, and they are apparently not ina good way...lots of "weather" of some sort of other. It's Atlanta, so I don't know what kind of weather they can't deal with, unless it's snow or ice or some other such odd calamity for that area. Anyway, our flight was changed from 4pm to 6:30pm on Christmas afternoon, and we were already at the airport, and I hadn't checked before we left and I felt pretty stupid. The Delta counter lady told us that over 1100 flights had to be re-routed over the last 3 days, so then we got the impression we should feel lucky they got us on a flight at all.

So, we ended up going to Minneapolis, then Tulsa. Our bag decided to stay in Minneapolis.

It's still not here.

It has our camcorder in it. Again, I feel kinda stupid. Hopefully no one decided to capitalize on my stupidity.

But, on the bright side, Jeremiah did really well for both flights here. He discovered how to deal with Bubblicious Watermelon gum, and only swallowed one piece. This relieved me greatly, since I don't want to water him down or give him excessive amounts of candy to suck on for the entire 1/2 hour it takes to take off and land, with ears popping. He liked being on the plane. Hopefully, he will still like it in about a week.

I sang "O Holy Night" arr. by Mark Hayes for our new church on Christmas Eve...the place was PACKED!! I don't think I've ever seen a service that they had to bring in chairs for the congregants...really neat. "O Holy Night" is always a bit of a's like a marathon for the end of the song. I felt pretty good about it though, and they had me singing at the end as everyone was lighting their candles, which was awesome. And, I saw my former 7th grade Social Studies teacher at the service, which was really awesome. I almost felt I had to apologize for the craziness we made him endure back then...but didn't. He's a good guy.

I also, after flying all night and getting into Tulsa airport, sang another Mark Hayes arrangement, this one of 3 different versions of "Away in a Manger", at my parents' hometown church at 11:15. Descends right through my upper passagio every other times on 6 hours sleep. But, overall went well. And no more singing for a couple weeks anyway.

Only other performance news is past and future. Lyricora concerts went very well, we had a lot of good feedback, good attendance, donations, and good times. All three concerts for the 2010 Christmas season were, in my opinion, a success. Now, on to recording some of the Christmas rep, learning the Spring rep, and getting ready for lots of projects for Spring. For future, I've been asked to sing in Worcester Opera Works' "Sopranopalooza!" on February 26. It is as it sounds...and I told the director I would love to sing...pending how I feel with the growing babe inside me. She said that was fine, especially since it was a "woman's concert", pregnancy would just add to the femininity. :) haha! (now, to just make sure I can breathe...)

Well, Jeremiah has "done some business", my mom has made me lunch, I have to pee (again!), and there is more to update (like, Christmas? haven't even talked about that)...but update will be completed at another time. Love to all, Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Jeremiah has a second ear infection in 3 weeks. The doc says we might have to consider tubes in his ears if this keeps up. My good friend's kids have had to go through that, so I'm familiar with the procedure, and am fine with it if need be, but am really hoping that we won't have to go that route. Last night was the second night in our lives that he has been up, literally crying all night with pain. I'm hoping this won't be a pattern....he's been such a healthy kid up until the last 3 months.

Actually, at this point, I'm just hoping Jeremiah will be decongested enough and ear infection-less by the time we leave Christmas day for my parents house via plane. That would not be a fun 6 hours if his ears are popping and aching the whole time.

Christmas decorations are going up, and I have been trying something new to go along with the new place we're living in. We have the normal tree up (although it is a few feet taller...try 9 feet tall!) and garland in common rooms and pretty white lights everywhere. This year, I'm putting pretty sparkly ornaments hung by ribbon in all the windows, and it really looks neat. Not super noticable, but I like it a lot.

There has been little singing news lately - except my choir, Lyricora, is preparing for Christmas concerts this month. The music is great, the people are wonderful to work and sing with, and so far, I still fit into the dress I'm borrowing...hopefully my little bump will not really pop too much until January. I have one little solo, in the song I like the least, actually (an arrangement of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" by Stephen Paulas) - only because my voice part sits really low. The arrangement itself is neat to listen to, very thick, complex harmonies put a new spin on the classic melody.

I want to be singing more...maybe during this pregnancy time, I can get musically involved with our new church, as there are many more opportunities to sing there than in our old church. I need something to keep my voice up, as I've really been slacking off lately, and am afraid it will show. There's a pretty arrangement of "Away in a Manger" by Craig Courtney that I'm going to ask the music director if I can do at some point this season - not sure how far out they book this stuff.

I want to go caroling, I want to drink hot cider and hot cocoa, I want to watch live nativities and Christmas tree lightings, I want to decorate the entire house as nauseaum, I want to listen to Christmas music 24/7. I LOVE Christmas! It's sobering and magical and awe-inspiring and very yummy.

Jeremiah has discovered the candy inside our advent train and I think his life will never be the same. :) I hope we can start helping him understand the importance and joy of Christmas this year.