Monday, January 31, 2011

An actual Multitude Monday

Yay! I made it to another monday! (not many people say that, do they?) :)

There are many many things to be grateful for, and I forget so often, and say things in condescending tones to my husband and forget how much to be thankful for in him. I forget myself in the tired middle months of winter, where I think things that spiral to depression and hopelessness. I forget how even in death, God makes way for the new; that the darkest hour has traditionally been before the morning - that as we long for warmth and spring and sun and joyous freedom in air, that there is providence in the snow and waking from apathy in the bitter cold, and learning to trust in trying times.

I am halfway through a school day, waiting on more snow days coming mid-week, and deciding to celebrate God's provision in my life.

61. NOT having an accident this morning and being safe from harm on treacherous crazy massachusetts roadways

62. 4th graders who can read syncopation (somewhat accurately)

63. Enthusiastic students across the grade levels

64. a baby who kicks (and kicks, and kicks, and...)

65. lots of snow to provide for our financial plan!

66. A hubby who loves to plow! (good thing...)

67. busy mondays to help me appreciate the quiet thursdays

68. unexpected babysitting help

69. Sunshine patches on snow!

70. how people's attitudes toward you change when they find out you're expecting. :)

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