Saturday, January 29, 2011

oh, today

- went to Trader Joe's with Jon's gift card (Jon came too, don't worry) and got some free groceries on top of the gift card because the machine was acting funky and wouldn't take my card...too bad for them, but they didn't seem to mind too much. I don't mind at all!

- woke up (actually, went to sleep with) a HORRIBLE crick in my neck, that became a stiff neck that won't allow me to move without being in immense Other than that, I am in a good mood, but you would never know it by my pained expression. Poor Jeremiah keeps asking me if I am happy...he's kinda like a dog that way - if he senses someone is unhappy, he has to cheer them up and hang around until they are ok.

- Jon and Jeremiah are out shoveling, which probably means Jon is shoveling and Jeremiah is throwing snow in the air, but it's good getting him used to "doing chores", right?

- Jon and I have a grand plan for Valentine's Day, involving coupons and gift cards so we don't have to spend a fortune, but we'll have to see if it actually works out since it's contingent on a few other details as well.

- I finally started painting our bedroom! I am finally inspired...color does that for me. My friend Missy is going to help me gather more inspiration soon, once all the painting is done, so this room can actually be a place I want to hang out once the baby is born.

- We are going to be able to have a nursury after all. The young man living with us is going to be moving out next month, so we will be able to use his room as the baby room. More decorating for me!

- I started a new voice student yesterday, a freshman. She is pretty bad, with no experience beyond high school chorus...but that is a good thing since I can start from scratch. And her mom is real easy-going...gotta love that. It's exciting to be teaching privately again - it's been a couple years, but I just couldn't fit it into my schedule. And I've had a couple inquiries from other students as someone that is a younger friend of mine wanting some "brush-up" lessons (she was a voice major or minor in college), so that would be fun.

- Life is good...I'm about 25 weeks along now - feeling fine, actually enjoying the pregnancy a bit this time. :) This little one delivers a mean kick, though!

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