Friday, February 11, 2011

ramblings and many hats.

Been thinking a lot about the many hats I wear, depending on the day of the week it is. Today is a mostly-mommy-and-sometime-voice-teacher day. The child is actually sleeping, the house is clean, and I feel triumphant as I blog some time away waiting for my voice student to arrive.

Today has been a wonderful day so far. I don't have anything specific to post, just trying to get some memories down. I can't help the looming feeling that life is about to drastically change...probably because I know it is! I am being pretty consistently reminded by others (and my own over-active mind) that two children is most certainly more than work load, attention, devotion, money, intentionality (is that a word?), and many, many other things. I am finding that I am more and more covetous of the time I have with my first little boy - and he is just loving every minute I spend with him to learn, read, play, and such.

I have begun the nesting process...I remember this vividly when I was about this big with Jeremiah (for the record, I am about 27 weeks now - just starting the 3rd trimester). I feel an overwhelming need for floors to be swept/mopped/waxed, windows to be washed, new bed linens, fresh coats of paint everywhere, clutter to be thrown away or put into a home and lots of things to be baked. For those who know me well (like, my husband), they keep pointing out how great, although, unusual this is! I am enjoying being domestic for a while...maybe this time it will stick a bit more than last time. Especially the baking...I don't like to bake, usually, because it's messier than cooking - but the results are really worth it! (although, with a 3 year old sugar-monger and a pregnant mama who shouldn't be eating so many sweets...maybe not a good habit to get into?)

Jeremiah has been in the local public preschool for a little over a month now, and is just LOVING it. Every day, he comes home and talks about his teachers and is finally starting to talk a bit about what he's doing during his mornings there. I know I haven't blogged a lot about what's going on with him, but it's enough for the general public to know for now that he has some developmental delays that have been hampering his learning. The good thing is, with the new program he's on at this new school, he's starting to blossom. I have high hopes that by next year he will be much more independent and, hopefully, more like a normal 4 year old! He is the sweetest child, really agreeable and loving, and his therapy times have only brought that out all the more, as he finds new ways to express himself.

Last month, I also started my annual gig as the local high school's Music Director for their Spring Musical. It always sounds like such an awkward title...too many "music's"...anyway. This year, we are performing "Working," which for those who don't know it, is a cabaret-style show that celebrates the blue-collar worker in America. We have 17 seniors this year, and thought it would be a good fit for showing off many students, instead of only 2 or 3 leads. The cast is great, the music's fun, my teaching team is great, as usual. The only problem is, these wonderful snow days that we keep having. I have had to cancel 3 rehearsals so far, and am scrambling to get all these lovely seniors the time to to rehearse their songs. It's been stressful feeling like we are already a week away from vacation, and there are still some parts of songs that are not learned yet. Not to mention other, bigger ensemble songs that have been learned, then reviewed only once. (can you tell I don't trust the harmonies to stick?) There's only so much I can do, but I am definitely feeling the pressure. February vacation is supposed to be the time when the pit orchestra comes in and begins playing with us...and we won't have half our rhythm section in a show that has mostly folk, rock, and gospel songs. I keep telling myself to take it one week at a time and keep reminding students to "review, review, review" so they don't forget something once they learn it during one of our few rehearsals. These two and 1/2 months out of the year are some of the most rewarding and most stress-inducing months I have. They stretch me to new limits every time.

In the meantime, I am also getting ready for "Sopranopalooza" with W__________ Opera Works on Febuary 26. I am proud to say I have a dress to wear, shoes to match, and the music memorized and ready to go. I'm singing one half of Lakme's Flower Duet, never met the other soprano, but hopefully it will work. Also singing a pregnant woman song, "Christmas Lullaby", so that will be apropo. :) The director is excited...she said it is a "very womanly situation for a womanly concert." I just hope I can breathe. Then, it will be no more solo singing for a while so I can have a baby and focus solely on family for at least 3-4 months.

Also...looking for a long-term sub for my part-time public school music position...anyone local need some time/experience/money? My principal is letting me sniff someone out - very nice of him. Teaching has been going SO well this year...I credit my master's program that I started last summer to my feeling of success. It spurred me on to new ideas, gave me courage to believe that I can actually teach well and still be a "fun" teacher" (I know...terrible. But I have found that I have many stereotypes in my own mind that I have to break), and I am so excited by what my students understand and do on a daily basis. I am a little disappointed to be defering this summer, because of, well, having a baby, because it was so inspiring and fun to be taught to teach again.

Gotta go prepare the voice lesson. Beginning sight-reading today...she's never done it before. :)

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