Friday, March 04, 2011

Things I love.

my baby kicking me every time I sit/lay down.

genuine interest from others of how I'm doing.

finding the "real" in conversations with friends.

sunny days with bright sun and shining and warmth and sun.

a working fireplace. (no, we don't have one.)

this stuff. All of it...would love to buy it and give or receive as gifts.

fantasy books - like Narnia or Harry Potter or Eragon or Spy novels (Daniel Silva is GREAT.)

peanut sauce. even though it got accidently splattered on my clothes, on on my floor, and in my hair. A certain 3-year old was mortified.

new clothes. I want to be unpregnant again so I can wear all these cute things I keep finding.

how tiny babies are...

the color lime green

the book of Ephesians

our new church

Jeremiah singing "Hosanna" with Micheal W. Smith

inspiration for bedrooms finally setting in.

freedom from fear

homemade caramel popcorn. If I haven't made this for you, it's probably because I tend to eat the whole batch by myself. And it has a stick of butter in it.

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