Tuesday, May 31, 2011

wha' happened!?

I think I have officially begun my trek back to the land of the living.

Today is my baby's 3 week birthday, and I am feeling, let's say, not so overwhelmed as I might have been feeling in the last couple weeks. I have ventured out to the grocery store, Babies-r-us, CVS. Sometimes even hauling the two kids by myself! (that hasn't happened that often, lest you think I am amazing.)

(But...I am.) :)

Isaac Mitchell is a look-a-like to my older boy (that's weird to say!), but so far acts very differently than Jeremiah. Where Jeremiah slept a lot, Isaac, well, sleeps, but not super soundly. (he's starting to at night, thank goodness). Where Jeremiah didn't much tell us if his diaper needed changing, Isaac screams until we figure it out. Where Jeremiah pretty much put himself on an eating schedule in the first few weeks, and it was to hospital code every 3 hours, Isaac wants to eat about every hour and a half, and screams and headbutts my shoulder until I feed him. Then he gulps as if he's dying. He put on 14 ounces in his first week. The first week! He wasn't even supposed to be born yet!

So, here's the skinny. (Oh I feel so skinny now. Not that it's true by normal standards, but by "I used to be 9 months pregnant a month ago" standards, I'm feeling great!) Isaac was supposed to be born May 13, a Friday. He instead, decided to show up on May 9, a Monday. Mother's Day was May 8 this year, and I had a pretty uncomfortable day of it. That night, around 11, I began having contractions which quickly became pretty regular. My darling husband had stayed up way too late watching Discovery's "River Monsters", so I decided to let him sleep until the contractions were about 8 minutes apart for an hour. Then we made our trek to the birth center, calling a family friend to come be with Jeremiah since it was about 4:30am.

I decided to go all natural for this childbirth. Last time I had an epidural and thought it strange that I couldn't feel myself in labor until the very end, so I thought this time that I would try the other option.

FYI - don't try the other option. If you are going to have children, or are thinking about having children, I strongly encourage you to consider the wonderful benefits that technology has afforded us with painkilling drugs. I say this with full knowledge that my labor with Isaac went "perfectly" according to the midwife. I had a completely healthy labor and child with no complications whatsoever.

Well, if that's perfect, I want out. Next time, if there is one, will not be done without drugs if I can help it. I said to the midwife after a particularly hard contraction, "This was a really bad idea." She looked at my crosseyed, and said, "What?!" I didn't have time to explain that I meant the natural labor, not the whole decision to have a baby, because right then I had another contraction.


At the end of my perfect labor came this little guy:

And he is, not so very little, but oh so very ruddy and hairy.

But, he is perfect. So it was, as they say, worth it.

So, I've been a bit distracted lately, as there's a new baby and this is the first day that I haven't had family here. I am so blessed to have so much family to help...now it will be the real test as I will be home with the boys starting tomorrow by myself.

I think I can I think I can I think I can...!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

it's just about time...

(a fun fill-in-the-blank game.)

...to make dinner. Yet am I? Not on your life. It's mother's day! Yet, I am not certain how dinner will appear...probably in the form of leftovers.

...to switch jobs again. Yes, I have been "officially" laid off. I know that the school district I'm in will hire me back if they can/if the budget allows/if God intends...but, nevertheless, I am looking for something part-time and musically-oriented.

...to have this baby. I have had a crick in my neck for about 3 days that won't go away because I can't stretch and I can't exercise and I can't move well at all and I am SO done with taking tylenol ALL the TIME. I am also the teeniest bit grumpy, not that anyone can tell. ;) har har.

...to go to a beach and soak up some nice weather. After the baby, of course. Probably WAY after the baby. But, still. It's that time of year. Hopefully this baby will like to be outside, because I crave it, and New England only allows us nice weather for what seems like 2 months out of the year.

what would you fill in the blank with?