Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the boys

He's now 7 weeks and 2 days old today. He has a love of being carried around and snuggled to sleep in the crook of my arm, but doesn't mind the occassional alone time on his back on the floor or in the bouncy seat, looking around at the world - lights and windows are his favorites. Favorite activities include eating, napping, spitting up, hiccuping, looking at me, being outside, falling asleep in the car, laughing at his brother, and looking at Jon's hairline. He has reflux, which has been difficult, but more manageable lately as he is actually taking his medicine. He has yet to sleep on his back for longer than 1/2 hour at a time (probably due to the reflux)...we're working on that. He prefers to sleep in his carseat, in the baby swing, or in someone's arms - all of which keep him at a somewhat 45 degree angle. He is a determined, willful, reactive, emotional, expressive, strong, healthy, and delightful little boy. His name means "laughter" (recall the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah being told they would have a child in their old age and she laughed...that's how Isaac, their son, got his name) and he really does seem to emulate that a lot. I've decided I'll keep him. 'Cuz, you know. I love him.


He is 3 years, 10 months, and 5 days old today. He has a love of being carried around as well, but at 40+ pounds, it takes some doing for that. He has just completed his first year of preschool and will be starting summer preschool on monday. He misses his teacher and classmates already, you can tell. Every day, I am amazed at the difference a year has made...I mean, I know a year makes a huge difference anyway with children, but in this case, Jeremiah was so far behind and so lost in so many ways - it is truly amazing how quickly he has progressed to be acting more appropriately for his age. Of course, along with that comes the willful disobedience, the sassy remarks, the constant questions and chatter...not to mention the fact that the kid never stops moving! From what I know of boys, this is typical - we just hadn't experienced it at the normal time that most boys become...this. But, as much as he drives me crazy, as much as I am pulling my hair out to figure out what to do with him when he is defiant or pushing boundaries - I am overwhelmingly thankful that his diagnosis has been made, that teachers have stepped in to help, that therapies are available, and that he has taken to everything so well so he is acting more individually and thinking on his own and making his own decisions. So many people have worse situations that can't improve...and I have a beautiful boy who keeps me guessing every day. He loves babies (lucky for Isaac who receives the full brunt of his affections), baking with the Kitchenaid, eating snacks (and not meals, much to my chagrin), apple juice, being outside, playgrounds, when Mommy and Daddy are both home, and Franklin/Little Bear/Blues Clues/WonderPets. He is way too tall for his own good and can climb anywhere and do pretty much anything he decides to do, physically - thankfully he hasn't quite realized all he could do. For now. We love him dearly and look forward to this summer with him as he continues to grow. He is a joyful, sensitive, social, emotional, strong little boy who learns quickly, tests boundaries, and craves acceptance. And I love him.

He is...well, we don't need to announce his age, I guess. He can be a little sensitive about it, although I think 30 is bery dignified and still young-sounding. Oh...well. hm. Whatever...most of our friends know how old he is anyway. He has been working part-time at a mechanic's shop in a beautiful ocean town nearby where he gets to work on an outside lift and smell the ocean and go for test drives to the ocean...all in the name of work. Of course, he's covered in car oil and grease and carbeurator (sp?) fluid so he can't enjoy it as much...what's that honey? No such things as carbeurators anymore? Well. Good thing you pay attention and I sing pretty songs. Anyway. He is also enrolled part-time at a local seminary and spending his off days reading and reading and reading and occasionally other things having to do with reading. He wants to be a pastor someday, and I think he will be a great one. He loves fast cars, grilling food, James Bond, theology, having people over, good debate, wrestling with our little guys (well, Jeremiah for now), and a good cigar. And me, luckily. He's a great dad, a wonderful husband, and a fierce friend. And I love him.

I am blessed to have such wonderful boys in my life.