Saturday, July 09, 2011

my boy's favorite songs evah!

So, Jeremiah is what my hubby likes to call "a serial monogamist"...which, can be a bit irritating at times when he wants to do the same activity, or in this case, listen to the same song, over and over again.

But he gets such joy out of each and every time, that you can't help but play it for him "just one more time, bud, ok?"

And dance a bit.

Oh, is that just me? Whatever, if I have to listen to it, might as well be fun.

One of the ways I have used his serial monogamy to my advantage is to play the songs I like for Jeremiah frequently, hoping he will take to one of them and start requesting. Which he does.

Lately, I had been playing one of Michael Buble's amazing albums, and Jeremiah began requesting from his carseat, "Can we listen to 'Birds Flying High'?"

Thus it began.

Pros to hearing this a lot:
1. Jeremiah singing it an octave up, which is SO ridiculously adorable and does my heart good
2. The music video is a straight takeoff of Bond, which my husband loves.
3. Buble sings this really, really well. I try to sound like him, and then Jer asks me to "please, mommy, I don't like that singing" and I stop. :)

Cons to hearing this a lot:
1. You constantly feel like you're about to walk into a Bond movie scene at the end.
2. Car neighbors hearing you wail and seeing you dance strangely out the car window.

He has also taken to this song, which is on the same album:

This is even cuter when he sings it the octave up, because it goes pretty high. And it's really funny because Jer tends to start it two octaves up! Go ahead, try it, I dare you.

Last month it was this song. (We're not sure where he first heard it...although I will play pop radio for him on occasion and he learns quickly)

Sorry for the lame video...the official music video is a little much for me to handle, so you get the version we let Jeremiah watch. I really don't mind this...I've always liked dance music, and there is no gratuitous...anything in this song. Pretty clean as far as this style goes.

Hope you've enjoyed a peak into our life soundtrack lately...and now go about your day singing "Dynamite" over and over again. Sorry.

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JLove said...

I love this! He is just the cutest little performer :)