Thursday, August 04, 2011

best. drink. ever.

Hello my friends!

I don't think I have ever had a post about any food or drink...but this is too good to not write about.

I give you...the Dark-n-Stormy.

Oh. my. garsh. So good. Tangy, yet sweet. Bubbly, yet flavorful. You've got to try it. Go. Get the ingredients and mix it up and enjoy.

Jon and I first discovered these last summer (before I was pregnant, don't worry!)...I can't remember how. And, I can't believe I forgot about them until now (probably the 9 months of no-alcohol recently).

But never again! Oh, Dark-n-Stormy, never again will I forget your goodness. Your gingery, smooth, dark rum concoction of love.

What did I tell you? Go now!

( need Black Seal Dark Rum and Ginger Beer and mix to your liking.)

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